About NID

Hanna Wiskari Griffiths

Hanna Wiskari Griffiths Sopransaxofon

Mia Marin

Mia Marin 5-strängad fiol

Petter Berndalen

Petter Berndalen Slagverk

NID was formed in Stockholm in 2002 when Mia, Petter and Hanna studied Swedish folk music together at the Royal College of Music .
What brought them together was a desire to dive deep into how you could get three completely different instruments to sound like one. After many fun hours of exploration and experimentation in the exercise room was material ready for the studio and in 2006 released their debut album NID [ni: d] that was warmly received by both critics and audiences .

Alongside many other projects and bands have NID played together over the years and they still feel the same passion for exploring interactions in the trio format.

With a focus on the melody and its amazing capabilities, NID allow their music to land in arrangements that alternates between tight interaction, airy improvisations and an elastic unison melody playing .

On NID’s repertoire you find Swedish, Norwegian and some American folk music, alongside many of their own compositions, mostly of violin player Mia Marin.

During the fall of 2012 released NID appetizer Singular. Now, in autumn 2013, sees the second full-length album the light of day, and both NID and the label Playing With Music are delighted to announce Homecoming Queen!

Press pictures and Rider

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