NID - Homecoming Queen

NID: Homecoming Queen

With their on special way of express their music, that have amazed both audiences and critics over the years, the trio NID is now again inviting you into their colorful world of sound. Three well-established folk musicians of today come together in a common curiosity and joy of discovery over all the possibilities of ensemble playing.

Proud and happy they are now releasing NID their second full-length album, Homecoming Queen.

NID - Singular

NID: Singular

Mia Marin – five string fiddle
Petter Berndalen – percussion
Hanna Wiskari Griffiths – soprano & alto saxophone

Singular was released 11/13/12 and is a teaser for the next CD NID “Homecoming Queen”.

NID - [ni:d]

NID: [ni:d]

NID plays Scandinavian traditional and contemporary folk music with solid genre knowledge and great playfulness.

– We asked ourselves if we could play in a solo manner, with the variation freedom that it brings in rytmisering and attractions, but in ensemble form.

– We wanted to find a sound where we, without compromising on our knowledge of the tradition, and our individual playing styles, could get three instruments sound as one.

– What we noticed was that it requires an incredible amount of time and “big ears”. One must be very attuned before it starts working. But when you start to feel that the whole trio functions as a single musician, and one can see his own turn propagated in the bodies of others, it is a completely magical feeling!