Homecoming Queen 5 of 5 in VK

The word Revolutionary is often used mechanistically, but can hardly be more than adequate speaking of drummer Petter Berndalen. With his unusual collection of instruments, he participates in both the rhythmic, melodic and bass range.
Not revolutionary, but unusually, a female saxophonist; Hanna Wiskari Griffiths soprano sax, together with Mia Marin with her 5-string violin that does not shy away from the subtly stripped, but which may also disclose with gale force. The Polskas are swinging, sedate songs calling for peace and the interaction is almost staggering.

NID - Homecoming Queen

Artist: NID
Title: Homecoming Queen
Label: Playing With Music/Border
Reviewed by: Jan Westerlund, Västerbottens-kuriren 5/12 2013